Netstar Advanced Systems Sdn Bhd via UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd

Notice to customers of Netstar Advanced Systems and UMWT on the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.


1. Data Privacy

Netstar Advanced Systems (“Company”) will process your personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, other related legislation, the Company’s own internal policy. This notice is in conjunction with UMWT’s data privacy notice.


2. Processing of Personal Data


Your personal information including financial information, GPS telematics data and Sensitive Personal Data pertaining to you (“Personal Data”) will be collected, held on computer and/or in documents, used, disclosed and otherwise processed by the Company and it’s employees, representatives, agents and affiliates to facilitate the performance and administration and marketing purposes of the Company’s functions as a service provider. 


The Personal Data in relation to you and your defined emergency contacts may include copies and other details of identity documents, proof of address, phone numbers, emails and other contact details.  


The GPS telematics data collected and recorded such as GPS date/time, location, speed, vehicle’s status and diagnostics and driving behaviour such as how smoothly you drive from engine on to off. 


The Company may obtain your Personal Data from UMWT and other sources, such as bureaus or agencies established or to be established by regulatory authorities, operators of registers or databases available to the automotive/insurance industry, government departments, agencies or authorities, any party who has, does or will provide products or services to you and to whom you have granted consent, our commercial partners, insurance intermediaries, reinsurers, third party administrators and/or service providers or related persons or organizations where such information would be essential for the purposes stated herein. 


3. Failure to supply correct information


You may choose whether or not to provide your Personal Data to the Company. If you choose not to do so, the Company may be unable to provide you with the services and/or products requested or otherwise and is not liable for damages for services not rendered. Hence, it is obligatory for you to provide the Company with your correct and updated Personal Data for services provided by the Company. 


4. Purpose of Collecting and Using your Personal Data


Your Personal Data will be collected, used and otherwise processed by the Company for the following purposes:


  1. To better understand vehicle status and diagnostics for vehicle performance monitoring and servicing

  2. To better provide our 24hr call centre the ability to provide emergency services such as Accident Assist and Stolen Vehicle Recovery

  3. For insurance underwriting, risk assessment, handling and settling of claims and audit purposes and for detection and prevention of criminal activity or fraud in connection with an insurance transaction

  4. To manage and service the Company’s relationship with you and provide you with better customer service including marketing and promoting of other products and services by the Company and/or its Group and affiliates

  5. For data transfer and sharing with, the Company and its Group and/or third parties acting on our behalf, including those located outside Malaysia. 


5. Disclosure of Your Personal Data


The Company may share your Personal Data with medical and police authorities, tow truck service providers, insurers, underwriters, reinsurers, call centre to whom the Company outsource certain business operations, commercial partners of the Company, regulatory authorities, bureaus or agencies established or to be established by regulatory authorities, operators of registers or  databases available to the automotive and insurance industry, professionals working on behalf of the Company and/or it Group, persons conducting actuarial or research studies, consultants, external claims data collectors, investigators and medical professionals, and any other contractors or sub-contractors as required or permitted by law or as we may determine to be necessary or appropriate. 


6. Data Transfer and Sharing


Where the Company considers it necessary or appropriate for the purposes of data storage or processing or human resource management, the Company may transfer your Personal Data to another member of the Group or third party service or product providers withing our outside Malaysia, under conditions of confidentiality and similar levels of security safeguards.


7. Your Rights to Access to your Personal Data


You have the right to request in writing, access to and correction of your Personal Data held by the Company and you make enquiries or complaints in respect to your Personal Data by contacting through Company’s email . You may also request in writing for the Company to cease processing your Personal Data including for marketing purposes. 


8. Information About Another Person


When you give the Company information about another person, you confirm that they have appointed you to act for them, to consent to the processing of their personal data and to receive on their half and data privacy notices. 


The Company reserves the right to update and amend this Privacy Notice or its Privacy Policy from time to time. The Company will notify you of any amendments to the privacy Notice via announcement on the Company’s website ( or other appropriate means, If the Company amends this Privacy Notice or its Privacy Policy, the amendment will apply to all Personal Data collected.  


In the event of any inconsistencies or discrepancies between the English version and the Bahasa Malaysia version, the English version shall prevail. 

Last updated : 23 Aug 2020

24 hour Command Centre : 603 - 7805 7999